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We live in an era of disruption and it's touching all countries, industries, companies, and workers. Exposure to emerging trends and skill shifts have become essential to long-term career success in the future of work. As a leader in innovative educational delivery, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) serves as a trusted partner for working professionals in tech, business, and leadership.

The Lifetime Learner, GTPE's blog, showcases individuals and industry leaders using lifelong learning to transform their careers and inspire change in their industries. Whether you're a working professional interested in the effects of digital transformation or looking for resources to support your career journey, our blog will provided an unparalleled prospective to education innovation, industry trends, the future of work, and lifelong learning.

The Future of Work

Elevating Employee Wellbeing

Mar 10, 2023 | GTPE Communications
About three years after the onset of Covid-19, the pandemic’s far-reaching effects continue to alter the way we approach work. Almost overnight, Covid changed the way both employees and employers vie… Read Article >
Mar 08, 2023 | GTPE Communications
The Georgia Institute of Technology has launched an online version of the Master of Science in International Security that debuted as a full-time, residential program in 2020. A collaboration between… Read Article >
Feb 01, 2023 | GTPE Communications
Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) has appointed Baabak Ashuri, Ph.D., DBIA as academic director of the Professional Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH). Dr. Ashuri is a Profes… Read Article >
Feb 01, 2023 | Workplace Learning & Professional Development
The arrival of a new year ushers in a season of refreshed and new ambitions. It’s also when we prioritize yearly goals and renew our professional development plans. This year, the Workplace Learning … Read Article >
Working & Learning

Turning Pointe

Jan 13, 2023 | GTPE Communications
Some careers follow a natural course. When a retired athlete becomes a sports commentator, no one is surprised. Ditto the star chef who opens a restaurant. But then there are professional paths th… Read Article >
Nov 11, 2022 | GTPE Communications
The world of sports, like any industry, requires strategic, data-informed decision-making. However, unlike others, the sports industry is built on direct competition, where decisions have an immedi… Read Article >