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The Lifetime Learner

Spotlighting the industries, trends, and skills driving disruption in education, the workforce, and the people in them

Continued Success for a Lifetime

We live in an era of disruption and it's touching all countries, industries, companies, and workers. Exposure to emerging trends and skill shifts have become essential to long-term career success in the future of work. As a leader in innovative educational delivery, Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) serves as a trusted partner for working professionals in tech, business, and leadership.

The Lifetime Learner, GTPE's blog, showcases individuals and industry leaders using lifelong learning to transform their careers and inspire change in their industries. Whether you're a working professional interested in the effects of digital transformation or looking for resources to support your career journey, our blog will provided an unparalleled prospective to education innovation, industry trends, the future of work, and lifelong learning.

Georgia Tech mentors and mentees sitting together and collaborating on professional development initiatives.
Workplace Learning

National Mentoring Month

Jan 14, 2022 | Workplace Learning & Professional Development
If you have a desire to empower others or if you are interested in taking ownership of your professional growth in 2022, create a mentor or mentee profile. Register by Jan. 31, 2022 to be matched ... Read Article >
Dec 23, 2021 | GTPE Communications
Georgia Tech-Savannah has a strong mission to not only be an educational hub for learners of all ages, but to extend its reach beyond its walls to support the development of our region, state and... Read Article >
Dec 14, 2021 | GTPE Communications
In a world of constant change, a forward-thinking mindset can foster resilience against short-term fluctuation. As individuals who have invested in professional learning, you have already taken th... Read Article >
Dec 01, 2021 | GTPE Communications
Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations and working professionals are using digital tools and automation more than ever.  ... Read Article >
Nov 30, 2021 | GTPE Communications
Employee training, learning, and development are fundamental to employee engagement and performance. From orientation of new employees to ongoing skills development and annual training, these... Read Article >
Nov 18, 2021 | GTPE Communications
Since the start of the pandemic, consumers and retailers have faced global shortages in nearly all categories of goods, from toilet paper to computer chips. While we are over 18 months removed fro... Read Article >