M.S. in International Security, Online - Curriculum

Fall 2024 Application Opens Aug. 15, 2023


The MS ISEC will provide you with the skills and insights necessary to distill, assess, and communicate the drivers and strategic consequences of emerging global-security problems.  

  • modern power rivalries 
  • defense policy analysis and military strategy 
  • crisis decision-making 
  • comparative forms of statecraft 
  • transnational terrorism 
  • peacekeeping 
  • regional security 
  • geopolitics of energy 
  • cross-cultural bargaining and negotiations 
  • cyberwarfare 

Courses include opportunities to apply new knowledge, which helps solidify your understanding of the subject matter. (For example, by working with qualitative and quantitative research methods, you’ll gain proficiency with data and visual analytics as well as modeling and simulation tools.) 

As you acquire these skills and knowledge, you become increasingly equipped to serve as an expert and leader in foreign and security policymaking, defense planning, the intelligence community, non-governmental organizations, or the private sector. 

10-course MSISEC, Online Curriculum:

Year 1 


  • International Security  (INTA 6103)
  • Modeling, Simulation and Military Gaming  (INTA 6742)


  • Data Analytics and Security  (INTA 6450)
  • International Relations Theory  (INTA 6102)


  • US National Security and Defense Policy (INTA 8803)

Year 2 


  • Empirical Methods (INTA 6003) 
  • Pacific Security (INTA 6131)


  • European Security  (INTA 8803)
  • Problems of Proliferation (INTA 8803)


  • Great Power Politics: Statecraft (INTA 8803)



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