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Learning Resources

We all learn differently. Some of us like to read books, watch movies or television, or listen to podcasts, while some of us like to get involved in lively and fun discussions. Whatever your appetite for learning, we have an option for you. As a Georgia Tech employee, you have a suite of learning resources available to you, both on and off campus, for your professional development needs.

Resources for People Leaders

At Workplace Learning & Professional Development, we define people leaders as members of our community who have direct reports and achieve their goals through the efforts of others. For us, great people leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. Whether you've recently joined Georgia Tech as a people leader, were promoted as a new people leader, or want to assess your skills as a people leader, we have resources to help you build skills in this area.

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Learning Around Campus

Innovation, collaboration, and learning touches every part of Georgia Tech — spanning across learning institutions, campus units, and campus services. Designed to help you explore these wide range of interesting and engaging learning opportunities happening on campus throughout the year, our Campus Learning Directory features a mixture of listings from personal communication style discovery to team development, mental well-being, pottery glazing, and more.

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The Space Between Stimulus and Response

In our opinion-based podcast, we routinely grapple with the big questions that we all think about but too often hesitate to ask, while reflecting on the appropriate tools to engage our interruptions – the magical space between an incident and our response to that occurrence.

Additional Learning Resources

Education Assistance image
Education Assistance
Going back to school? Take advantage of educational assistance programs for tuition and mandatory fee waiver or reimbursement. 
Professional Education image
Professional Education
Professional Education offers short courses, professional certificates, master's degrees, and more designed to meet your lifelong learning needs.
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LinkedIn Learning
Enjoy free access to LinkedIn Learning's library of online tutorials, covering a range of software tools and a wide variety of skill sets. 
Microsoft Learn image
Microsoft Learn
Discover new skills, find certifications, and advance your career in minutes through your Office 365 account.

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