NASA ePDN and Georgia Institute of Technology STEM Certificates and Self Directed Courses

NASA ePDN - Electronic Professional Development Network

Technology Integration


Develop competence and confidence in using new technologies in the classroom. Learn to create engaging podcasts and vodcasts, and to promote active learning by incorporating electronic tools such as simulations and 3D computer visualizations into your classrooms.

For instructors interested in teaching online, this certificate series offers a course to introduce you to best practices of online learning, and to help you get started on designing your own online course.

iBooks in Education - Coming Soon

Learn how to create interactive electronic story or text books. iBooks engage students and provide deeper learning with images, videos, 3d models, and more. 
Participants must have access to an Apple Macintosh computer running OSX and be able to install the iBooks Authoring software program.

Educate & Engage – Podcasts in the Classroom

Participants will examine how podcasts can be integrated into the STEM classroom. In this course the benefits as well as obstacles to podcasts will be discussed and you will be introduced to the tools and techniques of creating podcasts. You will finish by creating your own podcasts using NASA resources. This course is aimed at beginners who have little or no experience with podcasts.

Course length: 5 weeks | CEU's awarded: 2.5


Participants will use various audio and video editing software tools such as GarageBand, Photo Story and MovieMaker to create video podcasts – vodcasts. Each participant will begin by creating an enhanced podcast and build up to a vodcast through the creation of video and audio files. During the course you will examine and use many of the NASA public domain resources for infusing STEM concepts into their projects.

Course length: 5 weeks | CEU's awarded: 2.5

3D Visualizations

Participants will learn how to use 3D Visualization tools to create models of complex objects. Introduction to systems engineering and the multidisciplinary engineering design processes such as RFLP, Product Lifecycle Management, (PLM) and Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) principles will be introduced.

Course length: 5 weeks | CEU's awarded: 2.5

Turn Your Classroom Digital: How to Put Your Course Online

Participants will learn how to create their own online course from start to finish. Participants will get an overview of online teaching models, learning management systems, instructional design models, Web 2.0 collaborative tools and online assessments. Participants will then put all the pieces together and create their online course in a free learning management system.

Course length: 5 weeks | CEU's awarded: 2.5