NASA ePDN and Georgia Institute of Technology STEM Certificates and Self Directed Courses

NASA ePDN - Electronic Professional Development Network

Facilitated Courses

The ePDN currently offers sixteen STEM related professional development courses for K-12 educators – all are free and 100% online. Each course falls into one of our four certificate series:

Our courses and certificates are specifically designed to offer you the flexibility to learn at the pace that suits you best. Courses range in length and consist of mostly self-paced work, although group collaboration is an integral aspect of the ePDN course model. We structure each course so that each week equates to approximately 5 hours of coursework.

Each certificate series is made up of four courses and is offered twice per year – for each cycle you can choose to take just one course, the entire series, or take one or more course(s) each cycle to complete the certificate over the span of a year or more. Just need an introduction to PBIL or Robotics? Take the first course to get your knowledge started. If you want more in-depth instruction, continue on to complete the entire series. If you're busier in the fall semester, feel free to complete the courses the next spring…or the next. You can also mix and match courses to create your own customized certificate. It's all up to you!